High-assurance identity management for vendors, contractors, suppliers, and service providers

Trusted Identity Management 

The RAPIDGate® Program is a high-assurance identity management solution. The cost-effective, multi-facility program is financed through program participant subscriptions and utilizes high-assurance identity credentials that are tied to installation-specific access privileges.

Full Life Cycle Program Management

The RAPIDGate Program includes company enrollment, participant registration, equipment, initial and recurrent background vetting for suitability, identity credential production and issuance, electronic management and enforcement of installation-specific access privileges, activity reporting, system maintenance, and training.

Proven Performance

The RAPIDGate Program is currently operational at more than 150 government installations and facilities across the United States and its territories, processing millions of trusted ingresses per year.

Eid Passport Patented Process -- U.S. Patent Nos. 6,779,721 and 7,631,805

The RAPIDGate Program Follows Industry Specifications Including:

HSPD-12  • DTM 09-012  • FIPS 201  • DIACAP  • OMB 11-11  • FIPS 140-2

The RAPIDGate Program provides a comprehensive set of equipment, software, and support services that ensure operational success.

Registration Station

The RAPIDGate Program includes an ADA-compliant, multi-language registration station. This biometric kiosk includes a digital camera for registrant photos, a fingerprint scanner for capturing biometric data, and a web interface for submitting biographic information.


Handheld Scanners

FIPS 201 compliant handheld scanners read the barcode associated with the RAPIDGate Program credential. Additionally, the scanners have the capability to read biometric data and a magnetic stripe and also offer a keyboard for PIN input. The scanners have a color display that is easy to read and connects wirelessly via a secure FIPS 140-2 connection to the Guard Station Infrastructure.

Guard Station

The Guard Station Infrastructure is comprised of a FIPS 140-2 compliant EFS encrypted enforcement server with secure communications, a secure firewall, an uninterrupted power supply (UPS), and a locked protective cabinet. All equipment is DIACAP (Department of Defense Information Assurance Certification and Accreditation Process) certified.

The RAPIDGate Program credential conforms to NIST and FIPS requirements and offers a variety of read/verification options that include a magnetic stripe, barcode, biometric fingerprint, PIN code, and program participant photo.